Penny is a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator at Pattern Penny.  Her studio is based from home, situated in the beautiful little town of Borås, Sweden.  

Her passion for colour, pattern and design aesthetic is something that Penny developed at a very young age. Growing up in an artistic environment Penny was inspired by her mothers creativity. She spent many hours peering over her mother’s shoulder while the sewing machine hummed or whilst she dabbled with her oil paints on canvas.

Penny graduated from RMIT University, Melbourne Australia, with a BA in Textile Design, and has worked as a designer for both the home interior and the fashion markets. With many years of experience she has designed for Textile Design Studios in both Australia and the UK. Most recently Penny worked as a childrens’ wear designer for a major swedish fashion company, Lindex.

Since Pennys move from Australia to Sweden 17 years ago, she has become fluent in swedish and has developed a love for swedish folklore, retro porcelain and the simplicity of Scandinavian style and aesthetics. She is also influenced by the balance and detail of the mirrored patterns in The Arts & Crafts Movement. 

Whimsical birds and animals are certainly some of Penny’s favourite subject matter, but she is also very passionate about folklore and retro florals. Her artwork is cheerful, witty and naive, designed with a bright and fresh commercial colour palette. Colour is one of Penny’s greatest strengths, knowing how to give a design great balance and feel. 

Penny is very friendly, ambitious and passionate about everything she creates!  Her mind is constantly buzzing with fun new creative ideas and solutions so please don’t hesitate to make contact if you’d like to work with her.


 Borås Tapeter

 Hemtex AB